Minneapolis Club



The Minneapolis Club is a railway sleeping / lounge car built in 1949 currently undergoing restoration to operation.  The project, a partnership between a father and son, is nearing completion and they are beginning the process of developing a marketing strategy and brand.  As the Minneapolis Club is getting ready to hit the rails again after being out of service for thirty years, the company is looking to create an identity that will honor the history of the railcar, as well give it a modern feel. Building the brand will begin with the identity, and expand to give the Minneapolis Club an online presence. 

Solution & Research 

The first step in the solution required conducting research into the potential target audience. Three techniques were used to identify the demographics that the brand and materials should be designed towards: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT), Political, Economical, Social, and Technological (PEST), and Empathy Maps. 



color palette 

Taking inspiration from the original paint colors of the Minneapolis Club, the color palette includes several shades of green. Adding the future colors that the car will be painted brings in the Tuscan Red.






Paper System

Some of the unique paper items needed for the Minneapolis Club include the traditional stationery, tickets, as well as security badges that would allow passengers and staff access to the rail yard after hours to be able to spend the night on the train.