Untitled—McNay's Member Magazine



The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX is a contemporary art museum housed in an old Spanish mission.  The museum needs to periodically inform its members and the general public about upcoming events and shows. It publishes a quarterly magazine with sample images and information. 


Part of the problem was to capture the airiness open feel that museum visitors experience as they walk through the museum. The client requested a series of posters for their Conversations and Lecture series as well as a magazine to be sent to museum members. Both the posters and magazine needed to draw on aspects of the art in the series and provide a consistent layout and type across all the materials.


The McNay Museum itself is the inspiration for the final products. The book uses a Spanish tile on the cover to pay homage to the style of architecture of the building. The posters  represent the current season of lectures, which were inspired by a set of paintings titled:  Spring, Summer, Autumn and Snow Maiden, by Natalia Goncharova, that belong to the  McNay. Using parts of the museum and its collection in the book and posters creates a deeper  connection between the viewer and the Conversations and Lecture series.